-To celebrate Philippine Independence in the Northeast U.S.A.
To create awareness of Philippine culture among our American sisters and brothers.
To raise funds for charity projects in the USA and the Philippines.


Together with the Filipino American community, the Philippine Consulate General in New York created the Philippine Independence Day Committee (PIDC) to commemorate the birth of Philippine Independence.

Established in 1990 during Consul General Hermenegildo Garcia's term, PIDC is an ad hoc committee with a life cycle of one year. All consuls general would later become honorary overall chairperson. The position of overall chairperson is elected every year. The winner in the election will then appoint the rest of her/his executive committee.

At first, the theme of each year's celebration is handed down from the government in Manila. Later on, the overall chairperson chooses the theme for her/his term. The coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines is the centerpiece of the PIDC logo and PIDC's official address is that of the Philippine Consulate in New York. Checks payable to PIDC are mailed to and received by the Philippine Consulate and handed over to PIDC. All PIDC meetings, with rare exceptions, are conducted at the Consulate.

The Philippine Independence Day celebration in Northeast U.S.A. includes not only New York but also the twelve states under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Consulate General in New York, namely, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Depending on the theme each year, the overall chairperson may expand and invite other areas to participate in PIDC's many activities.

Traditionally held along Manhattan's Madison Avenue from 23rd to 40th Streets, the culmination of the preparation, the Grand Parade, Street Fair and Cultural Show, held on the first Sunday in June each year is the biggest celebration of Philippine Independence outside the Philippines. The festivities include the Diwa ng Kalayaan (beauty and talent contest), Youth Festival, Independence Ball, Consul General Night, Grand Marshal Night, other fundraising activities, special cultural presentations and other events that may be initiated by the overall chairperson.

The Philippine Consulate extends its support and guidance to the PIDC from inception to culmination of the annual event. It begins with the sending of invitations to community leaders to a general meeting, election of overall chairperson, and in the planning and execution of activities up to Appreciation Night where the Consul General awards certificates of appreciation to PIDC officers and members.

Since 1993, there were calls for incorporation of PIDC. On September 8, 2001, with the election of the overall chairperson, the members of the Filipino American community were also given the chance to cast their vote on the incorporation of PIDC. Results showed that majority of Filipino Americans are in favor of incorporating PIDC. With paperwork and processing, an incorporated PIDC will take effect in 2003. Hence, 2003 was PIDC's last year under the auspices of the Consulate General of the Philippines, New York.

2002-2013 PRESIDENTS

2012-2003 Reuben S. Seguritan
2003-2004 Roger N. Alama
2004-2005 Nimia L. Lacebal
2005-2006 . 2006-2007 Isagani c. Puertollano
2007-2008 Raul S. Estrelladon
2008-2009 Gerry M. Austria
2009-2010 Bernie U. Dela Merced, MD
2010-2011 Joji J. Jalandoni, RN
2011-2012.2012-2013 Fe Martinez


1990 Ness Quijano
1991 Nilda Jaynal
1992 Luis San Pascual
1993 Maria Andrada
1994 Sofia Abad
1995 Lynne Matriano
1996 Luz Micabalo
1997 Nelia Ferrette
1998 Consul General Willy Gaa (Centennial)
1999 Cora Reyes
2000 Alan Britanico
2001 Lett Dayao
2002 Lee Vargas
2003 Nena Kaufman


1990 Ness Quijano
1991 Lilia Clemente
1992 Ric Crudo, M.D.
1993 Alice Francisco, M.D.
1994 Estela Gonzales, M.D.
1995 Gary Villanueva, M.D.
1996 Manny Aldana
1997 Libertito Pelayo
1998 Loida Nicolas Lewis, Esq.
1999 Joanne De Asis
2000 Raul Sala, M.D.
2001 Vivi Malantic, M.D.
2002 Dr. Jean Raymundo Lobell
2003 Fe Caliolo
004 Rudy C Quiambao,PE
2005 Linda R. Pelayo,DMD
2006 Dan De Guzman
2007 E.M. Pangan, MD
2008 Msgr. Oscar A. Aquino, JCD
2009 T.M Santos, MD
2010 Zenaida E. Santos, MD & Benjamin H.Santos, RN , BS-HCM
2011 Edita C. Libramonte, MD & Nick Libramonte
2012 Prospero A. LIM, MD
2013 Rebecca Castro Rivera, MD


1991 Malayang Mamamayan, Maunlad na Bayan
1992 Tagumpay ng Kalayaan, Katarungan at Kaunlaran
1993 Tagumpay ng Kalayaan, Katarungan at Kaunlaran
1994 Ang Pilipino: Maka-Diyos, Maka-Bayan, Maka-Tao
1995 Ang Galing ng Pilipino: Dakila, Magiting, Nagkakaisa
1996 Ikarangal Mo and Pilipino, Magiting and Lahi Mo
1997 Diwang Pilipino: Isaisip, Isapuso, Isagawa
1998 Kalayaan: Kayamanan ng Bayan
1999 Philippine Festivals
2000 Filipino Americans: The Emerging Force in the 21st Century
2001 The Philippines: Rediscovering the Filipino Spirit in America
2002 Bridging World Communities
2003 VISIT THE PHILIPPINES: Our Land, Our Culture, Our People...
2003- Our Land, Our Culture, Our People
2004-One People, One Heritage Building Future
2005- ? ( I can't find this one. HI )
2006-Celebrating the Filipino Spirit : Sa Purso, Sa Diwa at Sa Gawa
2007-Isang Kasaysayan, Isang Kinabukasan - One History , One Future
2008- Likas na Karunungan, Kakayahan at Kahusayan
2009- The Filipino-American: Bahagi Ng Bagong Bayani Ng Bayan
2010- Bagong Pagsasama, Bagong Bayanihan, Bagong Pagbabago
2011- Bagong Katipunan, Bagong Diwa, Bagong Pilipino - New Community, New Spirit, New Filipino
2012- Ang Bagong Pilipino, Bagong Kalayaan, Bagong Layunin, Bagong Pagkakaisa- The new FIlipino, New
Independence, New Purpose, New Oneness
2013- Celebrating the Renaissance of Filipino Pride: Our Values. Our Faith. Our Heritage.

The Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI) Grand Marshal

The Independence Day Parade Grand Marshal is one of the highest honors bestowed by PIDCI annually to an individual (or a couple). The search recognizes an exceptionally outstanding person (or a couple) whose contributions have positively impacted the local community and the greater community as well. This special honor is in recognition of excellent leadership qualities, outstanding personal achievements, contributions and service in a specific field of endeavor, as well as in the field of public service not only in the Filipino-American community, but also in mainstream America.

Besides organizing and promoting the parade, street fair, cultural festival on June 1, the new grand marshals are also expected to take part in various pre-celebratory events that will lead up to the Philippine Independence Day celebrations namely: Presentation of Candidates for Diwa ng Kalayaan and Mrs. Kalayaan (February 15), Grand Marshal Gala (March 15), Mrs. Kalayaan Pageant (April 12), Diwa ng Kalayaan Pageant (May 3) and culminating with the Independence Ball (June 7).

Drs. Quines join the ranks of 24 accomplished individuals/couples in the Filipino-American community who have served as PIDCI grand marshals: Dr. Rebecca “Dolly” Rivera (2013), Dr. Prospero Lim (2012), Dr. Edita and Nick Libramonte (2011), Dr. Zenaida and Bejamin Santos, Sr. (2010), Dr. Teofila Malanum Santos (2009), Monsignor Oscar A. Aquino, JCD (2008), Dr. Emmanuel M. Pangan (2007), Dan de Guzman (2006); Dr. Linda R. Pelayo (2005), Engr. Rudy Quiambao (2004), Fe Martinez (2003), Jean Lobell, PhD (2002), Dr. Vivina Malantic (2001), Dr. Raul Sala (2000), Joanne D. Benitez (1999), Loida Nicolas-Lewis (1998 Philippine Centennial), Libertito Pelayo (1997), Manuel Aldana (1996), Deacon Gary Villanueva, MD (1995), Dr. Estela Gonzales (+) (1994), Dr. Alice Francisco (1993), Ric Crudo (+) (1992) and Lilia Clemente (1991). 2014 will be another exciting milestone for PIDCI as it prepares for the 25th anniversary of the Philippine Independence celebrations in N.Y. since its founding in 1990.

Emilio “Boy” Quines, MD and Felicisima “Fely” David-Quines, MD
Grand Marshals Philippine Independence Day Parade

About Dr. Emilio Quines
Dr. “Boy” Quines was born in Baguio City and grew up in the town of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. He finished his Doctor of Medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM) in 1966. He migrated to the United States in 1967, where he finished his U.S. trainings in rotating internship, medical residency and fellowship at various medical institutions. He worked for the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center and Martin Luther King Jr. Community Health Center. He also served as attending physician and associate clinical professor at NYCOM. He is now retired and devoting most of his time to community service and his family. He is married to Dr. Felicisima Quines. They are blessed with two sons and a daughter: Emilio III, Alan and Lisa.

About Dr. Felicisima Quines
Dr. “Fely” Quines was born in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. She finished her Doctor of Medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM) in 1968. She migrated to the United States in 1968, where she finished her U.S. training in medicine at NJ College of Medicine, and additional residency and fellowship for adult and geriatric psychiatry at Downstate SUNY Brooklyn and Kings County Hospital. Currently, she is an attending physician at the Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry SUNY Downstate-Kings Hospital NY VA. She is married to Dr. Emilio Quines. They are blessed with two sons and a daughter: Emilio III, Alan and Lisa.